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Tokudaiman (hereinafter referred to as “our facility”) operates this website.

This privacy policy specifies what kind of policies you collect, use, and control on your personal information on this website.

The facility believes that it is most important that we comply with the laws concerning the protection of personal information and thoroughly collect, use and manage properly in-house so that everyone can use this website with peace of mind I will.


Please be sure to provide personal information only when you fully understand this privacy policy when using this website and you can give consent.

About collecting personal information.

“Personal information” described in this privacy policy means information that can identify a specific individual such as name, address, telephone number, fax number, mail address, access record of this website, preference information Says. We may collect your personal information when using our inquiries etc on this website.

Collection of personal information by this facility is based on voluntary provision of yourselves to the end, and in the event that you are provided with personal information, everyone else will use this information according to this privacy policy I will grant you permission.

The facility will not disclose personal information to third parties without permission from the person in a way different from what is disclosed in the privacy policy.

About the use of personal information.

When collecting personal information, clarify the purpose of collection. We will use it for the purpose of providing services according to your request such as answers to inquiries.

About sharing personal information.

As a general rule, our facility will not provide your personal information to third parties without your permission. However, we may delegate to the contractor after exchanging the delivery work of the requested materials or the confidentiality agreement.

If there is a lawful request from the court, the police, the consumer center, or a similar authority, we will disclose the information accordingly.

About correction and deletion of personal information.

In the event that your personal information changes (for example address change etc), or if you wish to delete personal information, we will modify or delete the personal information provided by you.

About cookies.

The facility uses cookies to protect user’s privacy, improve convenience, deliver advertisements, and obtain statistical data. However, no personal information is written in the cookie.

About access log file.

The facility will use the access log file to investigate the trends of everyone on this website. By doing this, the facility can obtain statistical site usage information on the accessed page, access time, IP address etc, but it will not be used for collection and analysis of personal information.

Outsourcing of personal information processing.

The facility may outsource some or all of the personal information handling operations.

About the links.

The facility includes links to several external sites, but it does not share personal information. Please be sure to refer to the privacy policy of the linked website because we can not take responsibility for collecting personal information done on linked website.

About updating privacy policy.

If you change the privacy policy, we post this change on our website. By posting the latest privacy policy on the site, you can always know how to collect privacy information and how to use it. Please check on a regular basis.

Also, if you use personal information in a different way than what was mentioned at the time the information was originally collected, we will contact you on our website.

Everyone has the option of choosing whether this website can use personal information in different ways.

About Opinions, Complaints and Significance Claims on Privacy.

If you think that you do not adhere to the privacy policy posted on this website, please contact the hotel first via inquiries. After checking the contents, we will contact you by return mail, we will endeavor to do the appropriate processing.

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