About Tokuheian

Nature shows us the beauty of every season.
Mountain flowers, cherry trees in spring, fresh water river, fireflies in rainy season, cool wind, autumn leaves in autumn,  and of course snow in winter.
You can see a completely different rural scenery depending on the time of visit.

Thatched(kayabuki) roof

A tradtional farm house with a thatched roof that appears in old Japanese stories. There are not many places where thatched roofs still remains because they are very expensive to maintain and replace. I hope that we can help you experience Japanese traditions and history.

Spend your time in a traditional farm house in countryside

A 200 year old spacious farmhouse full of character, with a secret staircase that leads to the large A- frame attic. Our ancesters built this home 7 generations ago and it is our job to preserve it. The sceney of rural seasonal nature is everywhere, please enjoy your time here filling your heart with “Japanese nostalgia”.

Get more others memories in Japan

Keihoku shows you impressive nature in every season. We can introduce and recommended spots and guide plans for you. Please enjoy Japanese rural culture and sightseeing spots in countryside.

Cute they will welcome you

Tokuheian’s mascot dogs are waiting for you! !!
Please love them because they have a friendly personality.