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Great natures

We can offer tours for an extra fee. English guides and transportation services are also available. Beautiful waterfall trekking, tallest cedar trees in Japan trekking, shrines & temples, all japanese cuisines, historic villages accessable only by car, the fireflies of the night(season limited) and so on.

 ←Tallest cedar trees in Japan

Fireflies village

This tree shows us different face depending on season

Walking route with dogs in summer

One of tallest cherry tree in Kyoto

Tour List

A day tour

🌟Local One Day Tour (10:00〜16:00)   25,000 yen 1 group (2~5 persons)

🌟Visit the Seaside ,Enjoy Sea Foods Tour  (1 day)  30,000 yen 1 group(2~5


🌟Central Kyoto Tour (1day) 30,000 yen 1 group (2~5 persons) Excluding parking

     fee and meals

⭐️Over 6 persons, please ask me.

Takimata waterfall

This Takimata waterfall is known as asecret waterfall that means it is hardly  knoen and rarely visited, even by the local pople. You can enjoy 1-1.5 hours trekking in the very refreshing mountains path.

Miyama thatched village

Driving 30 mins northward, and you are in even the deeper mountainous area called Miyama, where you will find a number of thatched-roof(kayabuki)houses that are very classical architecture only to ve seen in the countryside.

Zen Temple (Joshokoji)

The temple is so well knoewn for its beautiful garden inwvery season. It was built around the 14th century, when Kogon emperpr retired form his title and moved to Keihoku to spend the rest of his days as a monk. You will meet his statue at a prayer hall imbued with w sacred atmosphere.

Fireflies watching (season limited)

Fireflies can only be seen on sunny days in the rainy seaso (June). In Keihoku where you see beautiful mountsins and water stream everywhere, you can meet hundreds of fireflies every year.


We have many places that you should visit. You can select the places you want to


Then I can organize your plan and take to you the places you want.

Enjoy Japanese meal

Chef delivery service( excluding drink)

Kaiseki course : 15,000 yen per person(with breakfast)

Kaiseki ryori is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal.

・Sashimi,Sushi,Tempura, vegetables…and so on(depend on season).

In started in Kyoto as a light meal served before a tea ceremony. The original kaisweki ryori was vegetarian with a bowl of soup and three kinds of simple dishes. This food cultute became sophisticated while serving aristocrats. Dishes come one after another on fine plates and bowls.

Today, it is mainly served at high-class restaurants and Japanese-style hotels.Seasonal ingredients are used. It is regarded as the highest art of Japanese dishes.

Teppanyaki(Lava stone-grilled steak) course : 15,000 yen per person (with breakfast)

・Beef(Wagyu) steak,sea food grill,vegetables,rice or bread…and so on.

Lava stone-yaki : Dishes in which food stuffs are roasted on a hot lava stone.

With lava stone-yaki , the chef will cook the meat(Wagyu), seafood and vegetables while you watch.

Please enjoy the chef’s performance in addition of food.

Chef : Masakazu Hatadan

I have been chef for 48 years.

Please leave Japanese cuisine up to me.

My original Sushi is “Sugi-sushi”. When you have chance to have, please try it!

Chef : Daisuke Tajiri

I had studied at French restaurant.

Then I came back to my hometown,Keihoku, and I am working with my father at our restaurant.

👆 Sorry  chef delivery service is stop now.  🙇‍♂️

Other dinner (excluding drink and breakfast)

  • Set-menu of dinner : 5,000 yen (plus tax) per person
・Venison SHABU-SHABU hot pot : 5,000yen(plus tax) per person

Let's experience

Enjoy meals

We cook casual and healthy japanese daily casual dishes together. You can cook fresh vegetables right after harvesting them from our vegetables garden or local farmers maeket. 

2,000 yen / person + ingredients

Agriculture Experience

You can experience agriculture in the fields. Plow the vegetables field, harvest vegetables and let’s touch nature!
Three years have passed since I planted 60 grapes plants. I hope we can harvest in September.
* The content and implementation status will differ according to the timing. Please contact us for more information.

2nd floor Attic room

You can play Yoga with a instructor at attic room. As we have 10 sets of Yoga mat, it’s possible to enjoy Yoga practice anytime you want.

1,500 yen / person

At ZEN temple

Basically they do “Zazen” first Saturday on every month at 7:00 am. If you want to do other day , let me know in advance. I ask the monk you can do on your request day or not.

1,500 yen / person

Aikido Experience

Aikido is Japanese style self-defense method, art of weaponless self-defense.

2,500 yen / person